Interview: Caroline Crocker – Part I of IV

In this first of four episodes you’ll hear Caroline talk about: Her personal, professional, and academic background The mysteries surrounding the human cell Theories of evolution and intelligent design The importance of distinguishing scientific facts from non-facts Her time teaching at GMU and the university’s response to her teaching Her legal battle with GMU.

Interview: Caroline Crocker – Part II of IV

This is the second episode of Alan’s four-part interview with Dr. Caroline Crocker.

In this episode you’ll hear Caroline talk about:

  • Her reasons for writing Free to Think
  • The different individuals who contributed to the writing, editing, and publishing of Free to Think
  • The importance of open-minded, questioning academics
  • The target audience she had in mind when writing Free to Think
  • Three major ideas expressed in Free to Think

Interview: Caroline Crocker – Part III of IV

In this third of four episodes you’ll hear Caroline talk about:

  • The American Institute for Technology and Science Education
  • The reality that “the consensus” isn’t always right
  • Key elements that separate Darwinism from intelligent design
  • Different ideas that are embedded in the term “evolution”
  • How evolution supposedly happened
  • Her views on why groups of intelligent people vehemently resist the idea of intelligent design

Interview: Caroline Crocker – Part IV of IV


In this fourth of four episodes you’ll hear Caroline talk about:

  • The importance of understanding and assessing scientific information
  • The tree of science and the infection that currently exists in the tree
  • How we can bring the tree of science back to health
  • How people can help AITSE bring about positive change
  • Key AITSE articles that every person should read
  • What’s at stake if Christians fail to respond appropriately
  • Her plans for the future