Free to Think

Free to Think


Free to Think: Why Scientific Integrity Matters tells the true story of an American scientist and biology professor who strove to teach about cell biology and evolution in an accurate and objective manner. Readers will find the story entertaining, educational, and shocking as Dr. Caroline Crocker reveals the university to be a place where true freedom of thought and critical thinking are forbidden.

The unmistakable and unforgettable conclusion of this story is: Science must be based on evidence and objective evaluation; not just enforced consensus!


Ben Stein, Lawyer, Commentator, Writer, Actor

A chilling true life story of how free speech and free inquiry rights have simply vanished in a large swath of the academic community. This story would be depressing in a 1950’s Iron Curtain country. Unfortunately, it’s a contemporary American story and far more upsetting for that reason. This shutdown of the search for truth is not something that could happen. It DID happen.

Mal Kline, Accuracy in Academia

Despite a demonstrated record of achievement, Caroline Crocker became persona non grata in academia for doing what institutions of higher learning are supposed to do best–questioning. Her work shows why she should be welcomed by inquiring minds everywhere.

Bryan Pogue, MD

The more deeply we explore using good science, the less plausible appear the tenants of faith in evolution as the explanation for life’s appearance and biodiversity. This is most evident in my own working fields of life sciences, where design is the reasonable mechanism above all others. Dr. Crocker has written a critical documentary for our time, painful though it is, and the cry for real academic freedom should ring out from American students, teachers, scientists and legislators across our land.”

Dr. Michael Behe, Professor of Biochemistry, Lehigh University

 This is the story of a dedicated teacher who pulls out all the stops to help her students learn and understand, and is crushed by factions that don’t want students to understand too much about certain topics. Guaranteed to make your blood boil.

Retired Judge Darrell White, Baton Rouge, LA

Articulate, beautiful, intelligent and possessing a soft-spoken confidence that truth prevails in the end, Dr. Caroline Crocker exhibits those qualities that Darwin-only educrats have reason to fear. And she’s now written a compelling expose of duplicitous discrimination that was imposed on her by “Big Science” evolutionists as she encouraged intellectual honesty among her university-level science students. It was my privilege to meet Dr. Crocker when she addressed the Louisiana Legislature in support of the 2008 Louisiana Science Education [Academic Freedom] Act. I instantly became one of her biggest fans and predict that her fascinating new book, Free to Think will hasten that day when even the halls of academia must acknowledge, as one philosopher long ago put it, “there goes another beautiful theory about to be murdered by a brutal gang of facts.

Dr. Norman Geisler, Author/coauthor 70 books, President Southern Evangelical Seminary

As an expert witness at the Scopes II Trial in Little Rock Arkansas (1981) and author of five books on the topic, I can say with confidence that Dr. Crocker’s book is one of the best stories of the tragic violation of free speech in the University classrooms that I have encountered. Jefferson was right: “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” And if he were to return today to discover that public institutions will not even allow the principles of The Declaration of Independence (such as Creator and creation) to be taught in our classrooms I have no doubt he would start a second American revolution.

 Rev. Canon George Iype Kovoor, Principal Trinity College Bristol UK, Chaplain To The Queen of England

This is an important testimony from a scientist who has the courage to re examine her scientific creedo by careful research and documenting of her classroom experiences. A saga of taking on the bulk of the scientific establishment who could not cope with her honesty and pedagogical integrity. A story of grace and courage as she seeks to teach science objectively in the context of a secular academic classroom. This book is a must read and it will lead you to wonder what is happening in the USA when scientists, teachers, and students have to make a choice between truth and academic respectability. I know Caroline Crocker: She is a courageous science teacher and someone who I am proud to call a friend.

 William A. Dembski, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute, author of The Design Inference

Although doubts about Darwinism are rife within the biological community, it’s not often that we see a professional biologist come out of the closet to question Darwinism. In this explosive book, biologist Caroline Crocker details the inquisition she faced from the scientific establishment for questioning Darwinian orthodoxy. But this is not just a book about persecution. More importantly, Crocker charts a path for freeing science from its ideological captivity to Darwin.

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