AITSE programs and projects are designed to improve and expand technology and science education in the United States.  We accomplish this through the development of campaigns, educational materials and resources, and projects that make technology and science more interesting and understandable to students of all ages and the general public.  In all of these initiatives, we also seek to improve scientific integrity and achieve greater understanding of the relevance of technology and science to everyday life.

We are seeking three outcomes as a result of these efforts:
1) Greater literacy in matters of technology and science;
2) An increase in the number of students who pursue careers in technology and science;
3) An increased understanding and commitment to the importance of scientific integrity; and
4) An increase in human and material resources applied to research and discovery which will benefit humankind.

Categories of Projects

AITSE provides education to enhance scientific understanding and integrity. We accomplish this through…

1)     Study and Research: Providing information contributed by highly qualified scientists, engineers and physicians.

2)     Evaluation and Assessment: Encouraging and facilitating the even-handed assessment of scientific information.

3)     Application and Utilization: Promoting sound and beneficial scientific discovery and technological implementation.

4)     Teaching and Appropriation: Modeling and offering clear and balanced teaching of theoretical and applied science.

5)     Collaboration:  Collaborating with other organizations that are working towards an increase in scientific integrity.