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AITSE Closed

American Institute for Technology and Science Education closed in October, 2013. However, as a continued service to our readers and a source of information to the public, we will temporarily leave the website intact.

Next Generation Science Standards: Just Confused?

adapted from an article by John Calvert, J.D., B.A. (geol)
The Next Generation Science Standards seek to teach children that “Science assumes natural events happen today as they happened in the past.” What??
This is simply illogical. After all, in scientific terms, we don’t know what is in the past. We do, however, know what is inContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The Need for Integrity

Ms. Zeiger writes about how to discern truth on the Internet, but what about truth in science and medicine? It is not easy.
According to an article by Jeanne Lenzer in the the British Medical Journal, clinical guidelines, which are issued by “experts” in the particular field, cannot be trusted. Why not? There are probably manyContinue Reading

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