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Discernment on the Internet

By Heather Zeiger, MS (chemistry), MA (bioethics)
Sometimes when I open up my web browser I think it would be helpful to have a master of ceremonies pop up, like the kind you see at a carnival calling out to the kids to “Step right up, step right up. You won’t believe your eyes.”  This guyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Giant Viruses: Just Scratching the Surface

by Caroline Crocker, PhD
Many years ago, when I was first considering what subject I should study at university, I heard a lecture on viruses. The teacher explained that viruses do not meet any of the criteria we use to use to assess whether something is alive:

They do not reproduce themselves;
They do not transform energy (theyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Integrity in Veterinary Medicine–or not

The family’s new puppy was sick. She had fever, chills, was in obvious pain, had a strange swelling in her neck, and had done nothing but sleep all day. The first veterinarian they visited did not seem very interested and after less than five minutes prescribed antibiotics and steroids. This did not seem right, givenContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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